Fairy Parade Original Art wStamps in Folding Book Format

Image Description
It starts with an obsession- - - my rubber stamp collection, what yet is growing. Add an odd free gift from some seller, somewhere, now long forgotten, of a set of accordion cards. I purchased the lead stamp, of baby pan, there, and the idea for this artwork sprang into my mind fully formed. There is ink first, from many stamps, followed by sharp lines from many colored pencils. The rainbowed skies are then brushed in from watercolor of gel crayons. Then markers are applied as most of the main colors, and finally, a bit of sparkle is added from glitter pens. It's kinda wild and whimsical.... I'm proud of it, it turned out just like what my mind was hoping it would be. I'm seeing this displayed on a mantel, or a hutch cupboard, or, even, sent in the mail for a wonderful gift. As a book, tied with black satin ribbon, having that gorgeous fabric cover, it is displayed equally well on the coffee table. This is the first hopefully, in a series of these accordion card panoramas. I have plans.... Hope you enjoyed just looking at it, I loved creating it !