A Year in a Garden, Stamped Art Booklet

Image Description
This is a truly lovely gift, for just about anyone to display on a mantel or coffee table. The unassuming cover cannot prepare you for the contents. Front and back covers are made with silk from China in the pattern they call "clubs". There are 2 small butterflies on the front cover. Inside, there are 6 pages stamped, in colors, with images of flowers. The images have been drawn, and in some cases, painted over for beauty and clarity. There are many insects in the garden, too- - - What garden exists without them ? The flowers follow the general progression of flowers in a year, starting in the spring with tulips, and ending with asters in the early autumn. It's a comprehensive work, and says much about the love we all have for flowers. All the stamps of flowers with the exception of the delphinium are from the Penny Black company.
Approximate Price/Value: $35