Indigo Bunting

Image Description
The Indigo Bunting is a small seed-eating bird . It is migratory, ranging from southern Canada to northern Florida during the breeding season, and from southern Florida to northern South America during the winter. It often migrates by night, using the stars to navigate. Its habitat is farmland, brush areas, and open woodland. This needle felted OOAK art work from 100% merino wool makes great a pin cushion or/and a unique gift for a bird and nature lover. This lovely birdie measures from base to top appr. 5' (12 cm) No wiring is used, 100% woolsculpture, but due to the 2 seedbead eyes it is not recommended for small children under 5 years old. Created with a lot of fun in a smoke-free home. Custom orders welcome with your own kind of bird in your favorite colors. No birdie will ever come out the same, so you really have here a unique creation