Needlefelted Brambling

Image Description
Widespread the brambling is, throughout the forests of northern Europe and Asia. It is migratory, wintering in southern Europe, north Africa, Northern Pakistan, north India, China and Japan. It regularly strays into Alaska during migration and may continue as far south as the western United States. Breeding-plumaged male Bramblings are very distinctive, with a black head, dark upperparts, orange breast and white belly. This needlefelted brambling from 100% merino wool makes great a pin cushion or/and a unique gift for a bird and nature lover. This lovely brambling measures from base to top appr. 5' (12 cm) Due to the 2 seedbead eyes [no wiring] it is not recommended for small children under 5 years old. The sodalite type rock is needlefelted from hand dyed Shetland wool Created with a lot of fun in a smoke-free home. Custom orders welcome with your own kind of bird in your favorite colors. No birdie will ever come out the same, so you really have here a unique creation