Hollie Hobbie Fabric Panels Holly Hobby Panel Cotton Vintage 1970

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Hollie Hobbie Fabric Doll Panels Holly Hobby Vintage 1970's Cotton Panel Dolls Fabric American Greetings Corporation Fabrics By Manes Fabric Co., Inc. All of these panels are attached for you to cut out as you wish, a total of 8 dolls 4 large doll panels 4 small doll panels Approximate measurements of the dolls themselves, not including surrounding fabric: Large dolls are 21" high, 10" wide at the widest point of the doll Small dolls are 11" high, 5 1/4" wide at the widest point of the doll The edges of the main fabric itself have been raggedly and randomly cut, I am assuming from cutting out "no longer present" surrounding dolls, but in no way affect the dolls themselves. The closest the fabric has been cut to the dolls themselves is 1/4" from the bold black "cut here" lines. 100% Cotton These are being sold together and will not be separated The colors are: Red Blue Yellow White Brown Black Any accidental over-charge on shipping over 1.00 will be refunded and is not intentional as I have no way of knowing addresses before orders have been placed, thanks so much for your understanding. All sales are final.