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Welcome to -ImaniAdrikaCreations-

Gorgeous Hand Crafted earrings and knitted wears. Earrings are crafted with natural feathers that dangle from brass shell casings) made in Albuquerque, New Mexico. All jewelry items harvested and designed by Imani. Knitted wears (scarves, gloves, leg warmers) crafted by PertaKnits in Vancouver, Washington. We are a mother daughter collective sharing our beautiful bits with you all. Enjoy the uniqueness of your earrings-each pair is different from the next. Please remember that feathers are as pattern oriented and chaotic as mother nature-they will look similar but won't be "exactly the same". Tis all part of the funky fun! Enjoy the warmth of knitted wears-made with specialty warns and either hand or machine knit. -imani- More »