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Crafty Clay is the leading brand in the air dry modeling clays market offering professional grade modeling clays for hobbyists, artists and children. Benefits of Modeling Clays: Today one in three children are using tablets and phones before they can talk. Digital media addiction affect a child's behavior, eating and sleeping patterns. Playing with clays promotes imaginative problem-solving skills and develops coordination. 3D thinking and creation has a significant contribution to children’s intellectual capacity. Children who play with clays; - Learn to recognize their tastes, interests, feelings and emotions. Learn to trust their instincts. - Express their creativity and success. - Take responsibility, make decisions and choices. - Demonstrate autonomy in thoughts and actions. - Learn from their mistakes and learn to concentrate. - Become aware of their increasing proficiency and develop independence. - See themselves as a resource for others. - Build self-esteem: acquire a sense of competency, power, and control over their environment. - Relax: working with clay is very calming. How does all these happen? 1. Rubbing, pinching, sticking, inserting, tearing, engraving, pressing and other actions promote the development of the hand muscles and enhance the coordination of hands and eyes. 2. Playing with clays guides children to learn color blending and matching. Creative combinations of different colors inspire children's imagination and creativity. 3. Parents and children may play together and build cooperation. It cultivates kids' ability to express their opinions and communicate with others. More »