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Welcome to EclecticJam

Hi and welcome to my new ARTFIRE shop. I am an Ebay seller, looking to try out something different!! I am a yard sale, flea market and auction hound! I love old things, shiny things, rusty things, and to create things out of all kinds of other things! I also love sequins, metallics and costume fabrics, and making costumes. So I have a bit of a wide range of passions, and try to mix them all together to make things that are special. I make jewelry, and other crafty items when inspired by something I see. So you never know what you may come across when you check out my shop. It will be a process getting all my listings up, so please come back again. I'll be adding new ones as often as I can. If you have any requests, feel free to message me. Thank you and have a blessed day!!! Rea More »