Welcome to GaffDesign

Hi, I'm Pavel! Welcome to my store :) I am a designer and founder of a creative studio , producing different types of luminaires: ceiling lights, table lamps, floor lamps, night lights, etc as well as Nixie tube clocks. All products have several features in common: ▪ are made of eco-materials, like wood, ceramics in the combination with metal ▪ perfectly fit into the interior designs of minimalist, scandinavian, industrial, loft and similar styles ▪ are extremely concise, functional, refined and stylish In the modern world with its frenetic pace, development of technologies and information flow, one wants to decrease this load when coming to cozy and comfort home. A person's place is also the reflection of his/her inner world, views, personality. Being in pleasant and calm ambiance a person restores the strength and recharges energy. With the well matched design and its details is possible to create such a feeling at one's home. Interior elements like lighting help to make it visually attractive and functional, add the right emphasis. I strive to create the products that embody this concept. I offers both a ready-made solution and a unique product that will satisfy the connoisseur of the modern style and aesthetics. I participate in designer trade shows and follow the new trends. I are in continuous search of new ideas to be able to share them with you through my shop. So, take your time to look around and find the item that will ideally fit into your particular home interior. More »