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Welcome to Gigawad

Our children inspire our vision/Our Heritage dictates our path. Causes that impacted our life are focal pts. of our business motto. They are reason for Gigawad's Jewelry w/ Charity Awareness in Mind. Mom always said, "Be true to yourself first and foremost...Always do what you love. You will be happy in your heart and life will reward you with kindness when you give back". Married now 29 years with two beautiful sons who literally help the world with what they do for a living and how they act around others... I can say Mom was 100% accurate with her wisdom. 3 prospering businesses later, overall good health (among some challenges along the way), and a very happy home with another adopted child "so to speak" ( our business mascot named Gigawad) who seems to get in all our family pics :-) - Our mission in life is going well and seems to be a success. Staying true to self is not only filled with satisfaction from the products we are putting forth. Staying true to self is also a virtue that has provided some gains profitably for our family. Hopefully with time, our new Mission/Pledge for society will provide ample assistance for others whom have impacted our life with what they stand for. Please read more about the orgs. we are striving to help on our business website under the About Us Page. Nothing ventured in life is surely worth receiving ... Unless it comes into fruition out of hard work, and has a way to give back with humility. This motto is how we live our life. It is how we work together as a family. We hope you too will find meaning behind our story and helping others. That you will help us continue our beliefs forward with service to community and buy something that we sell. We love that our investment of heart, time and skill are all being carried down in our family. Our youngest, whom is a child on the Spectrum, has shown great interest in Gigawad's future! We do believe what we are doing could be paving the way for his bright future despite disability! This path for him is a source of great pride and peace of mind. Thank you for your time as always to read our business bio. God bless with whatever life leads your way! Have a fabulous day! More »