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Welcome to Jadeite888

Here at Jadeite888 we are passionate about our jadeite and our gemstones, We source and sell high quality grade A Jadeite "翡翠" and natural precious gemstones. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product, only purchasing high quality items that appeal to our sense of beauty. We set our gemstones in beautiful sterling silver pendant settings perfectly enhancing the inherent beauty of the precious gemstones. We only trade in grade A jadeite "翡翠" , natural emeralds, sapphires, rubys and tanzanite. All our Jadeite is Grade A and all our gemstones are 100% natural earth mined and untreated. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding any information or about any listings in my shop I am happy to help you and answer any questions. Genuine A Jadeite Jade. All natural, not enhanced or treated, known in the trade as 'A jade'.A jade is all natural jadeite jade, without any kind of treatment or enhancement. Jade jadeite, or "翡翠"in Chinese is also known as the "Stone of Heaven". Comes in many fine nuances of green, but also in shades of white, highly prized lavender, black, grey, orange, yellow tones, Jade is a desired stone prized for thousands of year in China for its protective powers and healing qualities. It is also said to stimulate creativity and mental agility, and enhance one's health. More »