Welcome to Marfelting

Handmade felted scarves, Nuno felted scarf, felted art, silk, wool I grew up close to Moscow in a lovely suburban area full of lush gardens and not far away from all kinds of wild nature – rivers, forests, fields – and my early interest in art was fueled by the natural beauty that surrounded me every day. One day, I ended up at a felting master-class. I had no expectations going in, but here I am, 5 years later, unable to tear myself away. These days, I spend all my time creating new garments, going to trade shows and fairs, and even collaborating with local charities to make money – it’s really a dream come true – and now, I want to share my art with everyone on Etsy! Accessories are my favorite items to make – I love the way they can really pull together a look and I feel like I can be extra creative with form, color, and texture. I approach making my felted garments and jewelry with the spirit of a painter: I channel my emotions into each piece and often I find myself recreating and interpreting the scene that inspired me using textiles and color. Like all artists, I want my works to be enjoyed for many years, so my creative process includes buying the best materials from the best sources; I use all-natural, high-quality materials from reputable vendors, so you can love and wear your garments for decades! Thank you for stopping in, and I hope you find something you love! More »