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Our ‘Moss’ edition is a collection of a wall art pieces inspired by the green forest floors of the North American. - 100% real moss - Do not need to water - Do not need fertilizing - Do not need sun - Are long lasting - Are maintenance free - Designed for indoor use This moss does not lose color and always looks the same. Since decorative moss is not a plant, it does not require typical care treatments. Therefore, it does not need to be watered or pruned (does not grow), or give it access to natural light. For this reason, it can be placed even on the wall in the darkest corner of the house, even in the hallway. If there is something you’d like created, please feel free to share with us. Custom size can be created. Price is determined by project size and quantity of moss. PRODUCTION AND SHIPPING: Lead time: POLAND about 7 days EUROPE, USA between 1-2 weeks More »