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We have arrived at a time of great change in so many areas of our lives. For many, it is a pivotal moment for reflecting on "once was" and begin to look forward to "new experience". For many it will be scary, yet for many more it can be exciting. Shopping online has finally become the #1 vehicle for the supply of everything from personal items to even homes. With a click of the finger and no wasted time and gas trying to locate our needed and wanted items. Welcome to my shop. I have so many gently used and few new items there will be something for everyone. Art can be expressed in many forms which you will find here. I have tried to lay out shopping, saving, checkout, and pay, to be simple and fast. If it is not, please notify me and suggest something,you feel could have made your experience a little better. All suggestions are considered. Oh, and please rate my shop and leave a comment. More »