Welcome to MyFallDay

~Welcome to My Fall Day~ I am brand new to Art Fire! I will be adding items weekly if not more frequently. Please message me with any questions or custom orders. All bottles, vases and jars can be customized to your color style. My inspiration for this shop simply came from seeing great glass accents in stores and online for home d├ęcor, special events or the workplace. My thought was, instead of purchasing glass to paint or decorate why not use glass already accessible to me. It was right at that time our county discontinued the glass recycling program. Instead of all my friends glass items being thrown into a landfill I make it new again for you. I offer glass products to you that add a uniqueness to your home or event, as well has helping the environment. Win-win! You can be assured your product is painted/decorated just for you, and it truly is one of a kind. Just like you. Thank you for visiting ~ More »