Welcome to Niibidoon

Aaniin! Nenookaasi indizhinikaaz, ma’iingan indoodem, gaa-waabaabiganikaag indoonjibaa. Miigwech for checking out my online shop! I started working with an elder from my reservation in 2016 during a mentor/mentee program. Through this program I was able to learn the process of creating a black ash basket from start to finish. Identifying the tree, cutting it down, taking it to the shop, scraping the bark, pounding the log, peeling the strips, cutting the strips into even pieces, scraping the strips to create smooth pieces to work with, dyeing the strips, to putting up and finishing the baskets, and adding a decorative piece. In 2018 my mom and a friend of mine showed me how to make birchbark earrings, then how to bead on them. I instantly fell in love. I learned how to harvest bark during spring time, how to store the birch, where to get beads. It all felt so healing. Then in 2019 I started experimenting more, moving out of my comfort zone. I found a porcupine on the side of the road (roadkill) and took it home. I watched a few videos and asked some community member how to harvest the quills then I got to work. I’ve been able to experiment and work with the quills I harvested to create some amazing pieces. I’ve also been able to work with resin and clay. I love being able to incorporate the quills with the clay and resin. I hope I add my own twist on the work I create. Everything I’ve learned has been because people have shared their knowledge with me. I’ve also been able to teach classes on how to make earrings and baskets and set up booths all through Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. I’ve made genuine friends online through art. Creating these pieces has not only helped heal me, but it’s brought amazing people into my life. I also love seeing what other come up with. I have such an appreciation for art because I know the talent, love, and knowledge that goes into every piece. More »