Welcome to OffTheGrid

Welcome! You're about to go "Off The Grid" where you will be amazed with the treasures and gifts I have in store for you! Feel free to grab a cup of "joe," pull up a chair and we'll have a great time looking at the jewelry in my shop that I created with you in mind. Isn't it great being my muse? Trust me, its good to be a muse! I believe that jewelry should be representative of the personality of the person who adorns it. Simply put, if I don't think it looks good, I won't sell it. I hope you enjoy wearing my jewelry as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. Most of my creations can be altered to make a custom piece - colors, materials, lengths, etc can be changed. Please let me know prior to agreeing to purchase an item if you want a custom creation. I would love for you to be part of your own creations. More »