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Handmade items based out of Austin, Tx. I describe my style as warm-modern. I’ve been commissioned by interior designers, historic societies, and many individuals. The tone I work in is warm and creative which I feel goes beyond modern into neomodern. Neomodern or ‘neoteric’ takes influence from Art Deco, Japan, Finnish and the Arts and Crafts movement. Pulling from these beautiful and timeless genres into what I’ve come to define my style - Warm Modern. Pieces with soul and no geographic origin or era. Once you start compromising, what you’re making loses soul. Getting to a place where you’re charmed and content with something is where I find the most fulfillment. Working as a sushi chef for over 10 years informed my attention to detail and crafting the best product my hands can make. Practical often gets confused with efficient or just speedy. What is practical is making something that in 5 years, 10 years and more will have aged well. Using material that is sometimes ancient, sometimes not, should come with a responsibility and reverence. More »

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