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Silver Edge Knives We are one of the finest manufacturer of Damascus Steel knives, stainless steel knives, cutlery & also exporter of cutlery & all kind of Damascus Steel knives, hunting knives, pocket knives, folding knives, key chain knives, swords and daggers. We are established since 1999 and we are exporting all kind of knives in different countries across the globe. We are committed in producing high-quality Damascus Steel and all kind of other steel for making the finest products according to our customer's demand. Our commitment to fulfill our customer's demand & interest is our top priority. We can produce any kind of knives & swords in which you are interested from our store's listing products or your own design. If you have any picture/design please send us your own design samples or any other design in which you are interested. Our customer's satisfaction is our reward. Knives, Blades and all our other products are all handmade of forged DAMASCUS STEEL, low carbon alloy (15N20) & high carbon steel (1095), forged several times to obtain around 176 LAYERS. Blade is heat treated that enables the knife/blade to acquire 52 to 60 HRC on Rockwell scale that will keep it sharper for a long time. The Damascus blades in our knives and all our other products are all 100% Genuine and Hand-forged. When layers of steel are melted, hammered, twisted, cut, and re-melted and hammered - they're given a unique pattern unlike any other. This process is what allows each Damascus Steel knife/blade to be unique and one of a kind. None of our knives/blades have the pattern printed on them. They are all products of hard work and craftsmanship backed by years of experience. More »