Welcome to Tah-DahStudio

Thank you for visiting! As a Christian, I am proud to be offering my lines of products on this fine venue. God has blessed me abundantly and I try to pass on the blessings to you. A part of being a woman is taking care of yourself. My line of Thrive Soaps includes vegan, organic, natural, gift boxes, gift bags of soaps, bath salts, bath melts, bubble baths, foot scrubs, body polishes, shampoo, hair conditioners, creams, lotions, masks. I would be remiss if I didn't mention there are over 125 different fragrance and essential oils used in my studio. I also offer premium Moroccan Argan oil. Don't be fooled, read my listing about this coveted oil; I purchase directly from a women owned cooperative in Berber, Morocco. I only use the world's finest! We both deserve it. I love, love, LOVE, creating the epitome of eye popping jewelry! I am also a Self Representing Jewelry Artist, SRAJD #2495. Sometimes I'll use a simple design to showcase a very special handmade bead. My hope is to provide women the opportunity to transcend mediocrity and enjoy handmade jewelry, with chic, gorgeous, affordable, wearable art. The epitome of healthy body care products at fair prices and honest labeling. And unique digital designs that scream to be noticed. These are my passions, I hope to excite you! I have products for women, men and children, some are just so cute! I truly thank you and appreciate your business! If you need something you don't see, PLEASE contact me, I love special requests. Blessings, Janice Shehan More »