Welcome to TiffanyJadore

Welcome to Tiffany J’adore Jewelry! Hi my name is Tiffany owner and designer at Tiffany J’adore. Tiffany J’adore is a local handcrafted jewelry business located in Ringgold Georiga. Our goal is to provider statement making jewelry pieces that everyone loves and will continue to come back to time after time. I am honored to share my love and zest for beautiful things with you. Jewelry has always been a passion for me. No outfit is complete without the perfect accessories. I was never a fan of mass produced jewelry and wanted something unique something I felt was just for me. Unique handcrafted jewelry fills that gap. Each handcrafted piece is unique, no two pieces are ever the same. My jewelry is sold in limited quantities because every woman should have something that is just for her. Live your best life in our jewelry. Tiffany J'adore Jewelry is made of top quality products. All of our gold is 100% gold filled and will not tarnish, rust, or fade. What that means for you is swimming or sweating in your jewelry with no worries. When we say our jewelry is made to fit you, we really mean it. After picking your favorite pieces to add to your collection you also pick your size and fit. So shop with confidence of knowing your jewelry is really made to fit you! More »