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Welcome to VividKnits

Hello! My name is Diana. For me, knitting is magic,source of inspiration and a great desire for development. I have been doing this amazing art for many years. I had the great opportunity to present my handmade knitwear to people all over the world in London's memorable places, such as London's Camden Markets, the Christmas Markets of Hampstead, Archway market, Barbican Christmas event, and I fell in love with a place that will always have a special place in my heart - my favorite Greenwich market. My work's essential is to create high quality accessories with an unique design which is very colorful and different. The handmade items I knit can change the overall appearance of people. With a scarf, hat and gloves you will feel very comfortable, warm and cozy in the cold winter days. I use high quality Italian yarn, which has antibacterial properties- very soft and not prickly at all. The colors are combined in wonderful sunny combinations that can beautify brighten your days. I also use 100% wool yarn obtained from an ecologically clean area. It is important for me to know that you experience a thrill of joy from my handmade work. Thanks to everyone who appreciated my work. More »