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Welcome to angel7spa

Welcome to angel7spa Powerful help , change your life to no limits I am professional light worker with more than 30 years of experience help people all over the world,you can find my reviews on etsy and bonanza stores,I have more than 830 positive reviews in bonanza and 580 on etsy. I am a healer, light worker, Reiki Master, Professional Psychic,Life Coach, My Psychic abilities: Psycometry,Clairvoyance,Intuition , Empathic, Aura Reader Specialist,Shamanic Healer, Medium..Precognition,Automatic writing. All my work is base in energy, Metaphysics,Hypnosis, Mental power, and my own secrets and powers and shamanic natural healings. I work with love and peace in my soul, and I am fighter to give results, because changing lives is my mission and my major motivation in life. More »