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Welcome to Artgal's Studio, home of diverse interests, from Arts & Crafts to prestigious collections in fine arts, antiques and collectables. ARTS & CRAFTS: Your source for fiber art craft supplies, created primarily for Pine Needle Basket Coilers & Gourd Artists. I specialize in.. * Hand Dyed & Natural Pine Needles for basketry and gourd art. * Yarns & Notions for the fiber artist who specializes in knitting and crocheting. FINE ART, ANTIQUES & COLLECTABLES: Catering to a variety of high-end collectors & enthusiasts, browse my categories of investment quality.. * Fine Art & Animation Art * Ivory - Private Collection of authentic Okimono & Netsuke Vintage Figurines * Authentic Gemstones * Historical Documents /Autographed * Sport Memorabilia / Autographed * Coins, US and Roman Thanks for stopping by. You're sure to find something of interest. And don't forget to look for sales and incentives. Feel free to contact me with your questions. I'm at your service. Barbara More »