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Rajasthani,Indian textile products are famous around the world for their beautiful designs and materials and we are one such shop that boasts of designs that are exquisite and apt for your homes. Our designs range from traditional and beloved to modern and exquisite. These products are made out of cotton,silk, and chiffon. We crafted vast range in tie and die,batik,block print ect. Our team of artisans who form ten members, work tediously hard in making each artifact at our work unit. They are very adept in this field and get years of experience with them. More than being a source of income, hand making these rugs is a source of joy for these artisans.We employ mostly rural people with the aim of providing them with secure employment in a skilled sector. Once we get the raw material from local markets of Jaipur, we go through the process of dyeing them. Our specialty is traditional rajasthani designs but are not afraid to put them in a very elaborate and artisan al way. Artfire is a renowned name that always gives priority and also a platform to artisans first. That is the reason we are here – to get the work of our artisans acknowledged worldwide. More »