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Welcome to my page and I am very appreciative for your kindness and your support. I am Alaskan Native that wants to continue our long standing of our traditional ways. Many of my people still continue the ways of creating beautiful artwork, whether the artwork is jewelry or ornaments. Our way have been passed down from our ancestors and my prayers is that this tradition continues through our future generations. Some historical value to understand our people and our ways. Walrus Ivory is never hunted because we believe that Mother Nature provides for us naturally and we provide back to Mother Nature. Walrus Ivory is only collected off the beaches and rivers, which most of the ivory is fossilized. Male walrus fight for male dominance and often times during the male ritual, male walrus loses an ivory tusk during the fights. We only harvest these broken pieces of the land. For the artwork I make is only through this natural process and I will never change on how I obtain the ivory. I truly understand that there is misconceptions about ivory, but my prayers is that you can do a little research to know our ways. All my pieces are primarily Fossilized Walrus Ivory and Mammoth Tooth. I do on occasion use Baleen tooth and turquoise. I do plan on incorporating other natural materials, so look for newer designs coming soon. Thank you from my heart for your understanding and I am always available to provide more information. I look forward to seeing you visiting my artwork. More »

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