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Valley stream, NY, United States


Our passion in bringing forth the best we have to offer in quality, craftsmanship and being able to totally satisfy each and everyone of our customers is what we strive for.
We stand by our promise to satisfy with outstanding customer service and a team that brings forth nothing but the best for our customers.
When you purchase a handmade item from Adam-Collections you are not only owning a quality handmade product but being part of a fantastic family of customers.

Skills and Techniques

At Adam-Collections we work with metals such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, D2 Steel, 440C, 1095N to name a few. Our Damascus Steel is hand forged, heated and hammered into hundreds of layers forming into unique designs that has it's own originality in character and appearance. It is an arduous process that is attained with the skills we have from many years of forging steels

Get to Know

Adam-Collections is known for it's knives with greater edge holding ability, steels that require less maintenance and strength that endures. We have been selling knives both wholesale and retail. With our experience in the knife business for many years, we hold a sturdy reputation of bringing the best quality and unique designs to our customers. We custom make our knives with our customers uses in mind, using high quality steels for our blades.

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