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Harrisburg, PA, United States


In my younger days I did all kinds of crafts including knit, crochet, leather work and I was a seamstress. I made clothing for many, including all my own garments. In 1976 I made many outfits including a complete families Colonial Costumes for the U.S. Bicentennial.
After High school I went to work because I had found my passion of the time, horses. Appaloosa Horses to be exact, the most colorful! I spent 15 years raising, training and showing my Appaloosa’s. They were more like my children than livestock. Some hard luck and a mysterious illness brought my horse days to an end. But I truly miss them every day, even 20 plus years later.
During my ‘horse years’ I published my clubs newsletter for a time. I really enjoyed the process and decided to take a night class in graphic design. Well, that lead to 8 years of night classes. While working full time I completed two Associates Degrees; one is in Advertising, the other in Fine Art. I also finally found a reason to some of my personal issues. I had developed a Pituitary Tumor and Cushing’s Disease. There was a block of time needed to deal with that set-back. But I never stopped learning through it all.
I pursued the fine art thing for a while, but again my passion was evolving, this time to a more sparkling fare. The earth’s treasures have always amazed me. The first fossil I found back in 4th grade sealed my interest, on a back burner somewhere. When I went to a gem and mineral show many years later, it was like a home coming. I didn’t want to leave, I couldn’t stop asking questions and I was drawn into another phase, passion and learning adventure.
So I’ve been studying and practicing and feel I have products worth sharing. Please don’t hesitate to ask for customization of any pre-made items you see. If you would like something you don’t see, please ask. All custom order costs will be quoted before purchase.
Hope you can always find an item that sparkles for you!

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'Color' has always been an important part of my life.
In Art School I was learning color and composition, but on canvas and computer screen. Now I apply those same skills to making Jewelry. I complete one piece at a time by pairing stones and color combinations with .925 Sterling settings. A continuous learner I completed my GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional Course in 2015.
I have pre-made offerings for sale, but truly enjoy collaboration with individuals who are looking for custom work. Birthstone Jewelry and Bridesmaids sets are always available by custom order and invoiced per agreement.

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