Baldwinsville, NY, United States

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I hear that Art Fire is the place to sell hand made jewelry. I am here to sell my work. Each one is unique and handmade


Making necklaces by using beading, wire wrapping, with sterling, natural gems, brass and copper. Constantly learning new things from "educated" artists and trying new techniques to keep the "shop" fresh and new for any season. Will personalize if aske

Skills and Techniques

I string beads, wire wrap beads, pendants, create multi strand chains, work with all kinds precious and semi precious gems. I can make cabochons when facilities to do so are available. I have a creative spirit and never give up till I learn something even if I have to struggle some. I look forward to this new phase in my life.

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I am a teacher and jewelry is a passion of mine. I took classes in Syracuse University, Munson Williams Proctor institute and some private tutors to learn the craft.

I buy, wear and make a lot of jewelry and I find beads and gems fascinating. I started to sell my jewelry to make it a self supporting activity.

My pieces come in tropical colors and I use traditional to contemporary designs. They are made with great care to detail and value. I use natural materials to ensure good wear for any one who buys the pieces I make.

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