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Ahoskie , NC, United States


I love homemade gifts. I was raised by a mother and grandmother who made everything by hand by trying to stay away from stores for that special homemade appeal. Raised by sewing machines, knitting, and so much more, which made me appreciate the time and effort AND love put into everything made by hand. I believe making homemade items is fun, rewarding and gives you a chance to put your heart and soul into something to make a person smile. Why buy something made in bulk and by machines when you can buy with your heart and soul!

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CarolinaFlower presents homemade items from the heart of North Carolina. Gifts made by hand for that person looking for a special touch to any event, gift or to display in your home. No two homemade products are the same which adds to their uniqueness. Made in North Carolina from the heart from my home to yours.