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I have 5 dogs that serve as a daily source of inspiration, humor, and sometimes absolute lunacy.
Pheobe is the oldest at 9 years. The in-betweens are Ben, Woody, and Gilly with Birdie bringing up the rear at (this time) only 9 months.
These guys combined with my dog-cats (cats who believe themselves to be dogs) Wally, Erma, and Rerun accompany me on our daily routines here on the farm- taking care of the birds, feeding (and playing with) the goats, and bunnies.

When I'm not in my studio you can usually find me working on a farm project or at the barn with camera in hand. Cause what else do you do when you live in a zoo?

Get to Know

I am an animal lover and artist living on a small farm in North Carolina. I am daily surrounded by a herd of creatures large and small from which I draw inspiration and humor. I have two goals for my art: to make an emotional connection with the viewer and create a tangible memory that will bring joy for years to come.

Working in two very different mediums allows me the opportunity to express different aspects of pets in different ways.

My clay work is meant to be what I term 'realistic caricature'. This style is not intended to be hyper or photo realistic, but an attempt to show personality in expression and convey a warmth of spirit but still remaining anatomically true for the most part. I want these pieces to draw you in and make you smile every time you see them. That is why much of my original work showcases animals looking up with a concerted focus on the eyes, as this is how we tend to see our pets.

Painted portraits give me an opportunity to express in a more photo realistic manner. I am always drawn in by each layer of paint, watching the brushstrokes bring life to what seems, at first, to be a messy conglomeration of darks and lights. As with all of my work, special attention is paid to the eyes so that the viewer will be able to connect and form a relationship of sorts- back to a special moment in time or a memory long since filed away.

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