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Saint Louis, MO, United States

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DesignsbyDonusha - jewelry by Donna Hobart - Handmade, one of a kind jewelry.


jewelry making, gardening, movies, reading, my grandchildren, my beloved animals - 2 golden retrievers Cody and Maggie and one box Turtle - Erin Mackenzie

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The question I get asked most often, is why "Donusha". My Polish grandmother came by herself from Poland by boat at age 16 yrs. old - leaving all her family behind - to make a new life for herself in the United States. She was a phenomenal seamstress which is how she made a living. She married and had my mother. That husband died when my mother was just a toddler. A few years later, she married again. This husband died when she was pregnant with my uncle. Remember, this was the early 1900's. She never married again but worked as a seamstress to support her children. She called me "Donusha" (little Donna), a term of endearment. My grandmother (Babcia)was always my hero for her hard life and how she met it head-on and did not let it defeat her. So, I used the name Donusha in her honor.

I am a registered nurse who started making jewelry about 7 years ago. This is my real passion. I hope you will find the type of jewelry that "speaks" to you. I love working with stones, semi-precious beads and especially ethnic pendants and focal beads. Many of my pendants and focal beads are purchased through artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal. After those are purchased, I design and add more beads to the necklace or earrings. I try to work with Fair Trade World companies as much as I can. I hope you share my passion for the items I have made.

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