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Lewisville, TX, United States

Quick Blurb

Michelle - maker of dog stuff, owned by a terrier. I've been making dog bandanas for several years.


sewing, cross stitch, dogs, terriers, reading, nerding out, gaming, politics,

Get to Know

Hi there! I'm Michelle and I make dog bandanas, kitty katnip pillows, dog coats and more. I started making bandanas after getting frustrated trying to untie knots in the ones the groomers tied on. I have terriers, and they tend to dance around when you mess with them. I usually resorted to cutting them off, and after a few times the bandana was too small. My dogs love their bandanas, and soon people noticed the cool patterns and fabrics. I started making them for neighbors, friends and co-workers, and now I make them for you!

I also make catnip pillows, using organic catnip. Kitties like to huggle the pillow while on a nip trip.

I am working on new stuff like coats, costumes and more.