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Everett, WA, United States

Skills and Techniques

We use the safest fragrance oils possible, which we source from other small businesses.
Following a creative process of trial and error, we discover the best combinations of fragrances for our candles.

When creating a new candle, we first start with the concept or idea of a candle, based on a relevant hiking experience, hunting trip, pleasant day out on the town, or personal self care day indoors. We then get out our measuring tools, rubber gloves, and headphones, and set out to identify a unique recipe of fragrance oils that suit the concept.

Get to Know

We began our candle collection with original nature candles that now remain best sellers. Our wilderness themed candles are inspired by vegetation in season during different hunts and hikes.

At the onset of the COVID pandemic, we moved our efforts to creating handmade masks, and donated over 2000 masks to medical professionals when supplies were depleted. Once PPE supplies replenished in the medical fields, we created a new section in our online boutique dedicated to selling handmade fabric masks to civilians.
We've since been recognized by the online marketplace as a pioneer in creating alternative PPE to meet the needs of our community.

As general commerce increasingly moved to online platforms, we operated a busy and thriving holiday season across our sales platforms.
We now enter 2021 in an official workshop, and boast actively booming online shops on,, and