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Burleson, Texas, United States

Quick Blurb

Jewelry for Real Life...whatever the occasion.


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Skills and Techniques

I enjoy shaping wire, designing unique and well made handcrafted jewelry among other things. I'm an avid crafter and DIY'er from way back. From painting, designing window treatments and pillows, to refinishing furniture, decoupaging and faux finishing bargain finds. A skill saw or router feels just at home in my hands as does a pair of jewelry pliers. I take great pride in all of my designs and am a perfectionist when it comes to finishing touches.

Get to Know

Lisa Broyles - Owner/Designer of Rox & Things

Hello, my name is Lisa and I'm so happy you stopped by my shop. My journey began in the 1980's when I began stringing beads. I rediscovered that passion when I inherited my grandmother's jewelry and began redesigning them to better suit my style. Truly believing that my being a Gemini shows in my work, I design for dainty and demure as well as big and bold for "both" of my personalities and hopefully, one of yours.

My model, Betty Bodice, is a piece I created from a form. She came to me snow white and nothing but plaster. Poor thing. I decoupaged her with a 1950's pattern, added some color to her skin and faux painted a neck cap. To the top, I affixed a chandelier finial to use as a handle. She seems quite happy now...and I hope she helps you get an idea of how my designs hang. Betty's neck is 14" for comparison.

I adore reworks of vintage and found or inherited pieces so please contact me should your great grandmother have left you something with gorgeous stones that you'll never wear. I feel strongly that those can be given a make-over and allow you to wear your grandma's or aunt's necklace while making you the cool relative that won't pass on something that will leave your dear daughter or niece wondering what you were thinking. You bring it, I'll bling It.

Please see my sold items for examples of custom reworked designs. All of my jewelry arrives at your door in special packaging, whether a gift for yourself or someone else.

I live just outside of Fort Worth, Texas. I'm a wife, mother and full time Office/HR manager that lives to play with beads and make anything over. Anything. From a home decor accessory to a piece of furniture. I've been known to stop when I see something on the curb that creates a vision. One person's trash is another person's treasure. That kind of thing.

Please allow up to 4 hours if you contact me as the J-O-B thing is an 8 to 5 gig. Your business is appreciated and I will do all I can to ensure the customer service you deserve.

Check my feedback on the right side of my studio page and shop with confidence.

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