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West Carrollton, Ohio, United States

Quick Blurb

Lover of bunnies, beads, and books.


Gardening, Games, Books, Bunnies, Beads, Fiber Arts

Skills and Techniques

Glazing, Wire-wrapping

Find me online @:……… http://silveraurast.deviantart.c…

Get to Know

I've always been very hands-on. Many of my most enjoyed Christmas presents were craft kits of one kind or another (jewelry, latch hook, crochet, etc). I also love many nerdy things, and revel in games of all kinds (D&D table top gaming, Pokemon, name a few). I've tried many times to create a shop with handmade conventional jewelry, but with such a huge market it was incredibly hard to find my niche. Then I saw a simple process, and after staring at my box of childhood pokemon cards a rather bright and neon light bulb went off. My partner posted a link to my shop on Reddit and the explosion of orders and attention was astounding. I had an audience.

This shop is my baby. I nurture and care about it. I freak out about every visit, and sale. Even after so long, I still get up in the morning and do a little dance for every sale I make. I've received stories from patrons detailing many stories of how my pendants have touched them and those they've been gifted to. I LOVE IT! I cannot explain the feeling I get when someone enjoys what I do.

- Renee