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Skills and Techniques

The production of each wood item begins with manual selection of wood, the complex and gradual production process is always under human control. For this reason, each item remains unique.

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Our Mission:

Woodsaviors is dedicated to giving back to not just the community, but to nature as well. We believe in the simultaneous act of replenishing the earth while we harness trees into exceptional quality wood and wooden products. Each of our products has a percentage allocated for the fight against global warming and deforestation.

10 Varieties of Wood:

We offer a range of selection that includes ten different types of wood. Each type of wood it was selected to fit your needs based on the strength, grain, density, color, specific gravity, and various other properties.


Here’s why you should; with each product you purchase from our store, you donate to reforestation project. Your money is helping the critical task of reforestation to ensure the safety and longevity of nature.


When you make a purchase from Woodsaviors, you are also contributing to the ongoing effort to minimize global warming and this comes with an online certificate to show for your contribution. As a customer, you will receive recognition for participating in the good cause. You can also purchase quality wooden products, knowing that for each item that is purchased, a healthy tree is grown back in its place.

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