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Plymouth, Indiana, United States

Quick Blurb

Started arts and crafts very young, around the age of 7 when I crocheted a blanket for my baby doll.


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Skills and Techniques

Right Angle Weave, Net Beading, Netting, Bead Weaving, Peyote Stitch, Square Stitch, Brick Stitch, Beading, Bead Crochet, Herringbone Stitch, Beaded Embellishment, Beaded Embroidery, Beaded Edge, Beaded Bezels, Chain Stitch, Single Crochet, Double Crochet, square knot, double half-hitch knot, flat knot, slip stitch, lark's head

Get to Know

I can remember at a very young age, stinging beads and buttons from my Mother's collection. A few years ago, a friend decided I needed to learn how to net bead, I haven't looked back. As of now I enjoy beading, sewing, cross stitching, crocheting.

I made my baby doll a crochet blanket at the age of 7 or 8.