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Ghaziabad, UP, India

Quick Blurb

I am a dedicated craftsman to bring some uncommon goods like viking drinking Horns and Kalimba.


Taxidermy, pagan, larp, beer, mead, ale, viking drinking horn, norwegian drinking horn, pint size drinking horn. large drinking horn, ox drinking horn, buffalo drinking horn, Horn mug goblet, Kalimba. thumb piano, finger piano, mbira, lap harp, zither,

Get to Know

I am an Indian craftsman, who after graduating worked as an IT consultant. But later took up my hobby as a profession. I belong to an Indian community which had always been known for craftsmanship. So to say, I inherit my passion and skills from my bloodline.

I had been designing different uncommon goods like drinking Horns and few Musical Instruments.

I have a couple of assistants, that help in my work..

My products are all handmade and most of them you would find very unique, being my creative designs.