Their names carved in sand


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Their names carved in sand


This is for a unique and very special wedding or anniversary gift of a couple's name carved on a Cape of Good Hope beach. At this stage, there is no-one else in the world who can do this. The couples names are carved in the sand using unique instruments and techniques which I have developed. I often carve the the names a few times before I am satisfied and take a number of photographs. Sometimes I stand there with the carving and wait for ages for the right moment in the lighting and the waves.

Please read the following carefully before ordering:

1.) You will receive 2 to 3 images to choose from. While I can usually accept some general stipulations, the end result will always be a product of the conditions and my own artistic whims at the time. :-) Please feel welcome to discuss the job and its timing with me before ordering. Email me on beachcalligraphy(at) or Skype me on writtenword1.

2.) To allow for weather and scheduling, I need a week to do the work. It can be done sooner - 24 hours - but not guaranteed sooner. You will also need to allow for printing and framing.

3.) The final image will be the high resolution print file, in JPEG format, from a Nikon D750 - a professional 24 Megapixel, FX format camera. The lens, an ultra-wide angle 14-24mm G type lens is one of Nikon's best ever. The image will be printable at sizes as large as 33.1 x 46.8" / A0. Some have printed even larger and been happy with the result. The size is up to you.

4.) Printing and framing are not included in the price, but I do offer guidance in this regard. It is quicker and cheaper to email the file and have it printed and framed by a supplier near you. There are also some internet-based services which I can recommend. They will print, frame and dispatch within days. I am happy to help with this process.

The image may also be used on a wedding invitation. You'd be welcome to use the image for any purpose you like, except for resale.

Please email me if you'd like to see other samples.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

When I began doing this - experimenting with shaped sticks and other crude instruments - the first things Id write would be names. Being a calligrapher, I would, of course, work a lot with the alphabet, experimenting with different style, but I always loved writing a name. To write or carve a simple name or two in such a way that gave it distinctive character and personality was always satisfying to me. I could never adequately explain it to myself, but there it is!

Materials Used

beach, sand, ocean, tide, wind, and various instruments and techniques developed by myself

Product Attributes

Size: Any size can be printed

Color: Grey

Occasion: wedding, anniversary

Theme: beach

Style: calligraphy

Accepted Payments
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All Other Countries
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Please contact me before placing a custom order so that I can assess the tide and weather conditions and give you an idea when the job can be done.

Please contact me if you would prefer smaller or larger sizes. Larger sizes are not printed in my own studio. As to smaller sizes, I am prepared to print and dispatch prints 12" / 32cm in the longest dimension and will only consider orders for smaller than that for quantities of 4 or more.

Payment is expected within 2 days.

All prints are signed by the artist. If you wish to have any other details, such as the title or date added, please don't hesitate to ask. I can also add a special message if you like. My signature will not appear large as it does on the screen previews of this gallery. It is only large on these previews to protect the images from misuse.

Returns postmarked to within a week of delivery will be replaced or refunded in full. Please contact me regarding any problems before returning an item.

- Orders are shipped within 3 days of receipt of payment, sooner if I'm not on the beach too much!
- Larger prints are posted in a tube via registered air mail.
You will be provided with a tracking number.
- ETA is one to two weeks depending how far off the beaten track you are.


*** Are your images Photoshopped? ***
No. The carving is done by hand, in the sand, using instruments and techniques I have developed. Of course, I do do things like cropping, adjusting of contrast, saturation, etc to bring out the best in the photograph. The most radical Photoshopping I do would be stuff like cloning out sensor dust or a piece of rubbish in the background, and an HDR merger of a bracketed image for a better saturated sky. The carving, however, is entirely natural.

*** Why are there no footprints? ***
I levitate. ;-) To be serious, its really quite basic and it would spoil it for you if I told you. Or should I say it would ruin our relationship!? :-) I use various techniques. One that I am prepared to divulge is that I allow the wind or water to work on the piece. If you look carefully at some of my pieces, you will see signs of slight disturbance in the sand showing where I stood. You will very seldom see a footprint. The difficult part is not avoiding footprints but getting the calligraphy right!

*** Where can I see more of your work? ***
- (printed, framed and dispatched by Imagekind)


Gingerscribe on Dec 4, 2011
5 stars

Magnificent. Really incredible. Wonderful interpretation, after excellent communication and his good advice! There are simply not enough words to describe the talent, skill, depth and patience of this artist. A man of integrity and truth. Tears of gratitude, Andrew. I am smiling through tears. Thank you again.
Gingerscribe on Dec 3, 2011
5 stars

Perfect in every way. Can't we leave extra stars???
lpm55 on Jun 29, 2010
5 stars

Andrew-- These images are just gorgeous, and perfect for my sister's wedding. Thank you so much for your work and your generosity-- I really appreciated both. LeeAnne
Clarabelle on Jan 21, 2010
5 stars

Absolutely beautiful pictures. Thank you so much Andrew. It is a truly wonderful wedding gift.
kimberjohnson on Jan 16, 2010
5 stars

This was a fantastic transaction. I found out about this early one morning and thought it would be the perfect gift for my daughter, unfortunately her birthday was coming up quick. I contacted Andrew and he was willing to help me out and get this done in time... I was able to give my daughter a truly special gift thanks to Andrew. I highly recommend him to anyone interested. Kimber

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