Spinito-Premium Stainless Steel Metal Fidget Spinner Hand Toy


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Spinito-Premium Stainless Steel Metal Fidget Spinner Hand Toy


**Rainbow is out of stock, only Stainless Steel color available.

We are excited to introduce to you the new Ultra Fast EDC Metal Fidget Hand Spinner features a very smooth spin, very durable with a threaded, removable R188 steel metal bearing. The threaded R188 bearing allow for easy cleaning and maintaining. The metal hand fidget spinner comes in two different unique flavor: Pure Stainless Steel and High Temperature treated Rainbow Color. They all come with beautifully machined STAINLESS STEEL CAPS (a $15 value). They all spin very smoothly and quiet. Depending on your spin strength, the metal spinner can spins from 2-5 minutes long.

The product feels great in your hand and the spins generate mesmerizing rotation. It helps with focus, concentration and reduce stress. It also help individuals with ADHD and autism to stay focus and attentive to their surroundings. Hope you enjoy the spinner as much as I do! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

These spinners are individually machined and go through rigorous post processing to make it looks awesome and spin well. These are limited in quantity as it does take time to produce them on the CNC milling machine. So get yours while supplies last.

***These units are 50mm in spin diameter, smaller than the plastic trispinner I offered on my Etsy shop. These fits great for kids and adult. A lot easier to spin with one hand and very discrete to carry around. Been playing with them in public without bringing much needed attention!


Weight: 3-4oz
Dimension: 50 mm in spin Diameter
Material:Stainless Steel
Center Bearing: R188 Steel Bearing
Suitable for : 3+ or older


First demo attempt:

Please follow this video from youtube to learn more about fidget spinner and how to use them. If you have any questions before purchase, please do let me know. I will post some more video about this spinner soon.



We value quality above all else. Each spinner is inspected and tested prior to shipping. The item is ready and should be shipped within a day. Spinner comes with a very well fitted tin can for storage.

Materials Used

Pure Stainless Steel

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 50mm Diameter

Pattern: Pure Silver and Rainbow

Color: Silver

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United States
First Item: $ 4.00
Additional Items: $ 2.00



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