Handmade figurine"Wine Cork Dog" – unique Wine Cork Art souvenir


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Handmade figurine"Wine Cork Dog" – unique Wine Cork Art souvenir


Handmade cork figurine "Wine Cork Dog". Made of cork wood that possesses a natural beauty all on its own. Accented with collection wine corks, champagne muzzle and cap. | DIMENSIONS: Length (7 cm), Width (3 cm), Height (7 cm). | ONE OF A KIND: Each Wine Cork Art souvenir is unique due to creative design, applied author’s cork art techniques and color scheme of natural cork wood. 100% handcrafted where details were paid special attention for this figurine to become a true piece of art. | PERFECT GIFT IDEA: There's something very meaningful about handmade gifts. Handcrafted Wine Cork Art piece is a great choice gift idea for holidays, special occasions and "just because" moments. You can’t go wrong with such out of the ordinary handmade gift for your family, friends or colleagues. Especially when it comes to someone who loves wine. | DECORATIVE SOLUTION: Handmade richly finished Wine Cork Art figurine, making it a charming piece of decor all on its own. The attractiveness of this art piece will certainly grab attention, bringing new visual experience whether it’s a home or office. | CUSTOMIZATION: Personalized gift – a sentimental gesture everyone appreciates. You can customize with any theme, shape and size of cork souvenir. We will create something special for a personal gift.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

Tkachuk Cork Style
Cork Art designer in Киев, Ukraine

My work is a philosophy of art, aesthetics and environmentally friendliness.

About You
Hello, my name is Sergey Tkachuk. I’ve have been working in the Cork Art since 2008. Everything started with the small bath mat I’ve made by hands from wine corks. I have this mat in my bath till now as very meaningful piece of decor – the very first my Cork Art work. Inspired by this experience I started to create cork souvenirs, 3d paintings and decorative figurines, improving my cork art techniques.

In 2012 I had my first Wine Cork Art exhibition. And in 2013 – my first fashion show of cork clothing and accessories. Since then I'm participating in festivals, exhibitions, fashion shows, creating decorative and art pieces for winemakers, restaurants, events, fairs and clients.

Nowadays me and my creative team from Cork Art Design Studio crafting exclusive accessories, clothing, decor, souvenirs, toys, art pieces and much more. We focus on aesthetics and environmental friendliness to create very special items of cork wood. We view every item as art piece and we love working with eco-friendly cork wood that possesses a natural beauty all on its own.

Production Methods:

Every Cork Art piece is different but they all share my basic values:

Just as each cork tree is different from the next, so too our cork art pieces individually unique. Every piece is made in unique design, making it one of a kind.

When it comes to crafting, we use natural cork wood to create eco-friendly pieces in our own 'nature-inspired' cork art techniques.

Every piece is handcrafted and made from scratch. Starting with careful selection and shaping of cork wood to match the specific item we are making. All our pieces are made with the utmost care in detail, richly finished for each item to become an art piece and to bring you new visual experience.

As well as being beautiful, all our pieces are made to last. There are so many benefits of cork wood ranging from its quality, longevity, good wear-resistance and much more. Perfect material to craft top quality decor. You would appreciate its lasting beauty in cork art pieces.

We believe that your space and outfit should reflect you. And would love to make decor, accessories and souvenirs that would match your unique style. Customization options are virtually endless: from theme, size, shape, design, accents, technique that is applied, etc.

Let’s start to adorn your space with the Cork Art now!

Materials Used

Wine cork, muselet, plaque, beads, wood, water-based paint

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Wine cork, muselet, plaque, beads, wood, water-based paint

Color: Brown

Accepted Payments
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First Item: $ 10.00
Additional Items: $ 10.00


Hello, all my works are copyrighted, in one copy and exact repetition is impossible. (Only approximate similarity)
Production only on order after full payment, in the order of the paid orders.
The production time for cork products, depending on the complexity, is from 3 to 30 days.
Due to the long duration and complexity of manufacturing wine cork products, work is not subject to return.
Sincerely, Sergey Tkachuk.


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