Electrum the Silver and Gold Dragon

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Electrum the Silver and Gold Dragon


Electrum is an alloy of silver and gold, often with trace amounts of other precious metals (like platinum and copper). It's versatile and naturally occurring.

This Electrum, our dragon hero, is a gold/silver dragon hybrid! If they're to be believed about their family history, there may indeed also be other trace metals in there as well. They are an adventurous one that wants to travel the world and find exotic items for their hoard!

This plushie is just over 15"/39cm long, almost 8"/21cm tall at the horns, just under 4"/10cm wide and with a 10"/25cm wingspan with the wings spread. The body is a light gray color, with light cyan, blue, and different shades of gold. The edges of their fins are silver with a glittery coating, along with their horns. Their eyes are gold covered plastic beads.

I'm experimenting with making D&D flavored dragon plushies now, I might make a few more metallic dragons and then work on some chromatic dragon patterns. Let me know if you're interested in that kind of plush!

Hand wash with warm water and mild detergent. Rinse well and air dry. Do not machine wash. These plushies are very durable overall but some care does need to be taken with the washing process.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I've always liked Dungeons and Dragons. One of the first online roleplay games I played was a Council of Wyrms game, which was where you could play a dragon yourself. That was super fun! My interest in dragons has been strong ever since.

The designs for the most recent forms of Dungeons and Dragons are really neat. The wing design on the gold dragons seems like it'd be hypnotic to watch in action. So this was a study to see how those would look in plush form! I think they turned out great and look forward to making more.

Materials Used

Acrylic Blizzard Fleece, Felt, Polyfil, Plastic Beads, Glitter Paint

More Info

When you buy any item from this shop, it comes in a one-of-a-kind custom package. Flat envelopes come with a full marker/mixed media piece drawn on. Boxes or oherwise non-flat containers will be themed to what they contain inside. I always appreciate if you snap photos to upload and show off in the reviews!

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Fleece, felt, polyfil

Color: Blue

Material: fleece

Color: silver

Length: 15 in

Theme: dungeons & dragons

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