FIBER BEAD Big Hole We fully understand the term proud as a peacock.

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FIBER BEAD Big Hole We fully understand the term proud as a peacock.


These beads are so vibrant and lovely, I've been tempted to leave them on the desk a little longer, to post last. All the longer to gaze at the amazing colors! This is made from a ladder and nylon fiber with the iridescent green and blue found only in a peacock combination!
This is a set of 8 large hole fiber beads. Each bead is .75 inch long (1.9 cm) and .50 inch (1.3 cm) wide with a stable core .33 inch (.8 cm) through the center of the bead. This core is wide enough to receive wider bead stringing material such as yarn or hemp or hair dreads. The beads in the photo are made from a skein of fiber and are a strong representation of the beads you will receive. If you would like a photo of the exact beads you will receive, contact me. I will be happy to take more pictures. D52

Materials Used

fiber, cotton, nylon, rayon

Product Attributes

Color: Green

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EileenHanksDesigns on Jun 17, 2011
5 stars

Beautiful beads, love 'em all. Back again asap!
TheJoyOfColor on Jan 21, 2011
5 stars

I always love your fiber beads. when they come in, I put them in my hands first, then close my eyes, and I think they talk to me, they tell me what I should do with them. Crazy! Nothing like a crochet hook, pulling your fibers through, and this time, yes, aaaah tassels. lol
peacebirdstudio on Oct 27, 2010
5 stars

I LOVE THESE BEADS! Better than perfect seller, product is BEAUTIFUL & customer service is AWESOME! Thanks a million!
Beadwright on Aug 20, 2010
5 stars

Ohhh these beads are so awesome!!! Much better than picture. Fun to design with. Product is very high quality. I will be back soon Nicole/Beadwright
RockysUniqueCreations on May 6, 2010
5 stars

Great beads, I will be back. Thanks, Rocky

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