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Revenge Spell | Karmic Justice


Get revenge on someone who screwed you over. Have karma serve you vengeance, because sometimes, we have to act out karma.

Each one of our spells includes two parts

Part 1 is the phone reading with Gregory. Gregory will go over the particulars of the situation with the client so every spell is personalized.

What information we need from you during the reading

- Name and birthdate
- The reason you’re purchasing the spell work.
- What outcome you're wanting from the spell.
- Any details that have to do with your current situation that you think may be helpful to us while we putting your spell together.
- Photos of anyone you’re adding to the spell.
- Names, birthdays of anyone else involved.

Part 2 is the spell. Certain spells need to be done on certain days due to planetary rulership of those days of the week in relation to the spell work being done, this makes for a more successful spell. On the day of the spell, you will receive a picture of the working.

Once you have purchased the spell, we will contact you to schedule the reading.
We will be doing the spell work for you with our combined 40 years of Witchcraft experience. Gregory and Sigrun are Witches and Occultist

Our Spell and Ritual Experience

- Love and Commitment
- Abundance, Prosperity, and Money
- Hexes and Curses
- Unbinding/Curse removal
- Emotional protection
- Spiritual healing
- Court cases
- Manifestation and/or Intention setting
- Fertility
- Attraction/ Obsession
- Protection
- Communication


Our work is completely confidential, we are non-judgmental and want you to feel comfortable asking for anything you might need.



Our spells can take from a day up to several weeks to months to work. If the spell doesn’t work right away, that doesn’t mean the spell isn’t working. Magick is the science and art of causing CHANGE to occur in conformity with WILL. You will also have to focus your mind on your WILL for the CHANGE to occur and act in accordance with the spell work for the spell to manifest!

Remember, spell work is not 100% guaranteed. Sometimes, what you want and what the universe wants are two different things. It is very important for you, the client, to act in accordance with the WILL of the spell to overcome this.
However, if after 60 days there are no results from the spell work, we will offer a ONE-TIME re-cast for free. If there are still no results after that, we will assume that the universe’s way of telling you there is something better out there for you. That is your sign to stop or move in another direction. We will do as the universe demands to keep balance.

Legal Disclaimer :

The law states that: Spells, Tarot Readings, and Spiritual Work are for entertainment purposes. You agree that you are at least 18 and older before you make any purchases. You agree that Spiritual Readings or Spiritual work is not a substitution for any legal, medical or financial advice. Gregory Roberts and Sigrun Gregerson are not liable or responsible for any paranormal activity that may or may not occur due to the use of our products or services.

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