Copper Bracelet with Hand-Cut Feldspar Beads RKMixables RKM162

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Copper Bracelet with Hand-Cut Feldspar Beads RKMixables RKM162


White tiger orthosiderite and tiger stone dendritic magmatic feldspar or pyroxene beads from NM, mined and hand cut by Bill Gallagher (Etsy seller Luxefaire), are joined by copper wire and hand-hammered copper links. This bracelet is about 9 inches long, but the chunky beads give the fit of a bracelet closer to 8 inches long. Loosely and comfortably fits my 6 1/2" wrist without slipping off of my hand. I can add another link or two easily if you need this to be a tad longer.

This bracelet is part of my RKMixables copper collection and can co-ordinate with many other pieces.


******** RKMixables Jewelry Collection *******

Sometimes you feel like a single simple strand, and other times you feel like you can't get enough of them. With my RKMixables Collection, you can choose your strands, choose your clasp, choose your focal pendant (or focals, no need to stop at just one), and wear what feels good today.

This item is part of my "Copper Collection", comprised of coordinated colorways that combine to accent the gleam of copper with other natural tones, such as turquoise. Glass beads as well as natural stones, some solid colors, some sparkly flashy things - whatever you choose, your combinations are sure to attract attention. Add a touch of bright red coral to make a powerful statement.

Each strand terminates in copper plated lobster clasps. It is possible to connect the lobster clasps to one another for a single strand, but I have designed these items to connect to a clasp with a large jump ring to anchor several strands. Each jump ring can hold 4 to 6 clasps. Extra jump rings can be added, or just add another clasp with a second set of strands. I have several clasps listed and others on hand - please ask if you don't see what you want.

Since each necklace strand is hand-strung by me with varying patterns, no two are exactly alike. The uneven lengths encourage you to twist them around, braid them, or wind one around a core of others. Start with two or three, and add more later as your budget allows.

The focals or pendants that I am offering generally have room to string at least three strands through their openings. The largest strands should be run through first, and then the smaller ones. Another option is to thread just one strand through and then weave others around the focal. Let your imagination guide you.

One of my loves in life is the asymmetry found in nature. Patterns start and then change, so that no two snowflakes are identical, nor are any two leaves or flowers. Sometimes the variations are radical, and sometimes they are so subtle that you could spend a lifetime searching for the one teensy difference. I have tried to include at least one "variation from a theme" in each of my necklace strands. One "odd" bead, one skipped pattern, a bigger bead, a smaller bead, a different color perhaps, all things that emphasize the hand-crafted process and serve to illustrate the unique abundance of life.

Most of my copper components are not treated so they will change color and patinate over time. If you wish to keep your copper items shiny bright, just dip them briefly in fresh-squeezed lemon juice until the shine returns, and then rinse in warm water. The lemon juice will not harm any of the other components used - just don't leave it to soak - one minute is usually more than enough to restore the bright metallic gleam. Please don't use even lemon juice on coral or turquoise beads - it will remove the polished finish on most!

Please see my RKMixables Jewelry Collection Brochure with coupon for reference about these items, and please convo me with any questions

Materials Used

copper wire, american feldspar

Product Attributes

Color: Bronze

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I try to ship within 2 business days of receiving your confirmed payment. If there is a delay I will contact you by email to let you know.

If for some reason you are unhappy with your purchase, I will accept your return and refund your purchase price less shipping upon receipt of your item in good condition.

My RKMixables line is designed for you to interchange pieces to suit your changing needs. The necklaces terminate in lobster clasps which will connect to each other, but I have planned for you to add a clasp and jumprings to connect more than one piece. The clasp will add another inch or so to the length of the piece, and the jumprings will keep the pieces together, whether you have chosen to twist or braid them or to cascade several lengths.

I can make alterations to many of the jewelry pieces before shipping if you desire. Necklaces can be shortened, and in some cases lengthened. I can also add an extender chain or clasp, and it is possible in many cases to use an "extender" to actually take up some length.

I can change many of the earrings to leverbacks at additional cost (leverbacks are much more expensive than wires) and I can change wires to posts. BUT - I do not have posts in copper yet. I also have some clip-on backs!

I am always happy to discuss making a special piece for you. Please don't hesitate to ask!

Thanks for reading about my policies.


lindsay60 on Apr 1, 2012
5 stars

Thanks so much for the beautiful necklace. Great value too.

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