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Anasazi Ancient Ancestors hand crafted spirit Drum Gourd Art

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DETAILS::: Entitled, "Anasazi Ancient Ancestors", this natural, entirely hand crafted, healing tool instrument is a strong, thick gourd. Gourd is another of natures marvelous wood products, with organic cow rawhide stretched across, & laced down with incredibly strong rawhide thong. Gourd Drum is Pyrographed (carved with fire) & painted with Anasazi Spirit design. The Anasazi were the Ancient Puebloan culture in the four corners area starting at around 1200 BC. About 500 AD starts the use of the black & white pottery & ceremonial items. The Anasazi based their culture in part on astronomy, much like the Aztecs. The entire natural gourd is carved out, sanded, dyed, painted with highest quality acrylic paints, & a natural protective sealer for long life

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

THE CEREMONIAL DRUM ::: Indigenous Cultures of the Americas & Canada know & use the drum as the center of all songs, as the great communicator & healer. It is the catalyst for the Spirit of the songs to rise up to the Creator so that the prayers in those songs reach where they were meant to go. At all times, the sound of the drum brings completeness, awe, excitement, solemnity, deep inner relaxation, strength, courage, and the fulfillment to the songs. Every thing, every human action, & every energy revolves in rhythm. It is Mother Earths heartbeat giving her approval to those living upon her. It draws the Eagle to it, who carries the message to Creator.

DRUM CIRCLES::: "From the Shamans of Mongolia, to the Minianka healers of West Africa, & Indigenous Cultures across the Americas, therapeutic rhythm techniques have been used for thousands of years to create & maintain physical, mental & Spiritual health." Michael Drake author of Therapeutic Effects of Drumming. Recent studies are indicating extreme positive effects for use of drum therapy, in a wide range of areas. Including, stress, fatigue, anxiety, hypertension, asthma, chronic pain, arthritis, mental illness, migraines, cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, stroke, paralysis, & emotional disorders.

Materials Used

Large Organic Gourd, pyrography, highest quality acrylics & dyes, rawhide head, rawhide lace

More Info

SIZE: Size is 10 inches across face of drum-head, & 9 inches deep (tall), from head to base. Side to side measurement is 10 inches across at widest point. The head is laced down in Apache Lace design, very strong & long lasting. The natural chalice shape offers beautiful resonance & style. Drum is signed, titled & dated by artist Whitehawk. Certificate of Authenticity Signed, & dated, comes with story card of Anasazi.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Gourd, rawhide

Size: 10 inches across head

Pattern: Anasazi Healing

Color: Gold

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