Billy Jack Hat Band Replica of Original Billy Jack Beaded Hatband


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Billy Jack Hat Band Replica of Original Billy Jack Beaded Hatband


Native American Style Beaded Hatband, beaded on loom.

My Replica of the Original Billy Jack Hat Band, made in the USA.

This hatband previously sold so there is currently not one completed and available. Please contact me if you would like me to custom bead you one for your hat size. It usually can be beaded and shipped within 10-14 days, depending on my current beading orders. Please see several feed backs below, under MORE INFO, from customers who purchased this hat band. This is one of my most popular hatbands, and sometimes difficult to keep one always available.

My patterned hatband is a very accurate replica of The Original BILLY JACK HAT BAND worn by Tom Laughlin in the movie Billy Jack, but with about a $200 Savings, of this hat band selling in Canada and elsewhere for $375!

It is 15-lines wide, finishing to scale of original at 7/8" wide with 265 rows, incorporating 3,975 individual size 11/0 quality glass seed beads, in six colors of White, 3 shades of Blue, Yellow and Red.

This regular sized hatband will be finished with quality black deer hide ends and a matching tie, and 23 1/2 inches in length or longer. This accurate reproduction is an exquisite beaded hat band and will compliment and fit hat sizes 7 1/4 and larger. Possibly a smaller 7 1/8 hat, depending on your measurement.

Custom Made to Order, A shorter version of this hatband, was purchased by Nukus Bear of Oklahoma. If you need the shorter version, 22 3/4, for a size 6 7/8s or size 7, just add it to your cart and purchase it here on this listing, and I can bead it and ship it within 10-14 days, depending on my beadwork schedule. Then message me by clicking on Contact Seller at top right hand side of this page, and let me know you are purchasing the shorter version.

If needing the longer version to fit a size 7 5/8 hat, 7 7/8 hat or size 8 hat,, Like for David Stewart, PLEASE CLICK ON MY OTHER LISTING, priced at $190 and purchase it, and then contact me with your hat size, and I will be more than happy to bead you your custom beaded Billy Jack hat band, sized to fit you.

Although I am NOT of Native American Descent, I have a love for Native American Bead work, and have beaded commissioned bead work for several Native Americans themselves. Some with comments below.

I have been a freelance loom beader, maker of hatbands, since 2001 and am not affiliated with anyone or the Official website in Canada. I sold my first Billy Jack Hatband in 2004, and have sold several of the improved version that you see here since.

This hatband is of superb quality at a fraction of the cost. It takes me about 18 hours to complete and retails for US $180.00 (a fraction of US $375.00), sold elsewhere, for the standard length and you get to see actual photos of what you are purchasing.

Please click on photos in this listing, to show you what the hatbands looks like when I remove it from the loom, with all the warp threads, before I attach the deer hide leather ends.

This Billy Jack hat band, patterned by myself, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity Card, with a guarantee of being meticulously handmade by me, entirely on a bead loom with my signature and date, and future contact information.


Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I patterned my first Billy Jack Hat Band design in 2003 by viewing the movie, on VHS, over and over and freeze-framing it to see different angled views of the hatband. (Before DVDs) By doing this, I was able to figure out the colors used and what size beads were used, by how many times the pattern was repeated.

Since my first Billy Jack Hat band sold in 2004, I have made a few adjustments to the pattern and perfected it even more. With new technology I was able to see better photos of the hat band close up.

I Then took on the joy of doing the beaded loom-work that you see here. I am the original designer and pattern maker of this, more authentic replica of the Billy Jack Hat Band, like the one worn by Tom Laughlin in the Movie.

Materials Used

11/0 Quality Miyuki seed beads, deerhide leather

More Info


From: Thomas Tucker (Locust, NC)
Date: 9/26/18
To: Andrea J Walker
Subject: Billy Jack hatband

Andrea, I have just received and just opened, and just put my new hat band on my hat. It is exactly what I had hoped that it would be, and it is. You have done a fantastic job and I am very pleased. I sincerely appreciate the extra gesture of the crow beads. The decision to use the natural deer hide is a nice contrast to the black felt. You can rest assured that I will pass along your business cards to anyone who would want to own a piece of quality work-womanship.
Thank you for your attention to detail. I have attached some pics of the band in its new home, use them if you can.

I will be in touch in the future.
Thomas Tucker, the travelin woodwright

From: Anthony Hernandez (San Antonio, TX)
Sent: Mon 8/04/14 8:26 AM
To: Andrea Walker


I like how the hat band came out and others gave compliments on the hat band.

(The last photo in this listing is of Anthony wearing his Billy Jack Hatband)

From: Buck Boatner (Sherman, MS)
Subject: WOW Amazing
Sent: Sun 10/27/13
To: Andrea Walker


I was out of town with my sisters and elderly parents last week. We were in Branson, Missouri listening to music.

When I got back, there they were. The most amazing pieces of art. The detail and craftsmanship put into each hatband the likes of which are rarely, very rarely seen.

I want to thank you for the care and concern to detail that you so obviously put into each piece. The information provided and the gift of the vintage beads on the leather tie are most appreciated. It has been one of the best buying experiences I have ever had.

Thank you for sharing with me the talent that God gifted to you. Best regards, Buck

Note* Buck ordered two Billy Jack Hat Bands on 10/10/13. One for himself and the other as a gift for his co-worker, a horse riding preacher that works with hospice patients. Amazing man with a kind spirit.

From: Gary Martin (Long Beach, CA)
Sent: Fri 10/25/13
To: Andrea Walker


My hatband came today. Thank you for the quick service. I have to say I am very pleased and impressed with the product and the professionalism you have shown, and the instructions....nice touch.

Thanks much, Gary

From: Steve Kemper (Oklahoma City, OK)
Sent: Thu 7/04/13
To: Andrea Walker


I got the hat band yesterday. It fits great on the hat. I will send pics later.

Thank you again,


From: Edward Dossett (Killeen, TX)
Sent: Thur 5/23/13 7:32 PM
To: Andrea Walker

Good Evening, Andrea!

Maam, me and my Family cannot believe how beautiful you beaded my new hat band! I am very proud of it. It lets me honor my Grandmother.

I cant thank you enough. You are wonderful. I feel the quality. I tried it on my hat this evening. My Family loves it! And, so do I. They know how much it means to me.

Andrea, THANK YOU, Maam. Again, I will send you a picture soonest. Again, many thanks! I cannot believe how quick you got it to me. I will work with you to craft the finest recommendation for your website and work. Please for now, just accept my utmost thanks!

Your most grateful customer EVER,
Ed Dossett

From: Dave Babuta (Round Lake, IL)
Sent: Wed 4/10/13 9:27 PM
To: Andrea Walker

Hey Andrea. Johnny got his band. He is as happy as a pig in s_ _t!!!! He is thinking about having it stitched to the hat but not sure how. Any ideas??? John says thank you very much and he loves your work. I myself love the leather straps coming off the back of the hat......nice work. Peace Out......

From: Donna Burkart (Bloomville, Ohio)
Sent: Fri 12/28/12 6:00 PM
To: Andrea Walker

Hi Andrea:
Got the hat band today, he LOVES it, TOTALY LOVES IT! I actually think he might sleep in it...LOL

Thank you so very much for are so wonderful....

Bless you, Donna

From: Mike Drake (Canada)
Sent: Sat 7/14/12
To: Andrea Walker

Thanks very much for the bio Andrea. Well I went down to Sumas WA this morning after my graveyard shift and picked up the band and I am absolutely thrilled with it! Great job!

I also appreciate you sending along the business cards. Thanks very much for everything. The people where I work are really excited about seeing it. I was guessing the original design was Navajo. I think there is a connection between some of the tribes here on Canadas west coast and the Navajo some how. I think the Navajo might be the sister tribe of these guys up here, so they are really excied to see it.

Thanks again,Mike

From: Randy Moody (California)
Sent: Fri 2/03/12
To: Andrea Walker

Andrea, I Just received the hat band and it is Beautiful, Thank you so much. Take Care, Randy

From: Todd Walker (Colorado)
Sent: Fri 8/26/11
To: Andrea Walker

Very authentic. Happy to own it. Thank you! Todd

From: Brother Ben Leland (Monk, Native American)
From: New Market, New Hampshire
Sent: Tues, April 19, 2011
To: Andrea Walker

Dear Andrea:
I just got back to the Monastery, from the Reservation. I Love the Hatband!!!!!!!!!
I am wearing it now. I have had no trouble keeping it in place. My hats do not blow off in the wind. I milked 50 head of cows this morning and it never fell off!

Again, thank you for all your kindness!


From: Thomas Bear (son)(Oklahoma)
For: Nukas Bear (Native American)
To: Andrea Walker
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2011


The Bead work is Outstanding!!!! I know my dad, Nukus will really love it. I greatly appreciate all your hard work that you have put into the Hat Band.


From: Ruben Borunda (Ohio)
Sent: Sat 2/05/11
To: Andrea Walker

Andrea, I just checked the mail, and the bands were in there! They are even more beautiful than I expected. I am SURE that I will be asked where I got these fine hat bands. Thank you for the business cards. You are very talented. Peace, Ruben

Product Attributes

Primary Material: 11/0 Quality Glass Seed Beads and Deer Hide Leather ends

Size: 7/8" x 23 1/2"

Pattern: Replica of Billy Jack Hatband

Color: Blue

Accepted Payments
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United States
First Item: $ 12.00
Additional Items: $ 5.00



I am sorry for any inconvenience, but effective October 2021 I am no longer processing my orders through PayPal. Just click on pay with card at check out and STRIPE will process your payment to me, with no hoops to jump through! Any concerns or questions please contact me. Stripe is encrypted and safe. Thanks!!


Although I have a 5 out of 5 STAR RATING, I have not received any comments, which does not give possible new customers anything to go by. Guest buyers or Artfire members not logged in for that matter, cannot leave comments or feedback for the Seller on the Seller Rating page. (Shopper's Comments)

Therefore, I've decided to post my email comments or reviews received from my past customers under the section MORE INFO below the Product Description on the listing or beaded hatband they purchased, to give you some kind of an idea of the quality and creditibility of my beadwork. I am thankful and privileged to have such great customers.


For Custom Designed Beadwork orders, please contact Seller, Andrea by personal email at directly which will provide me with your email address!

All New Designed Custom Orders require a $40 non-refundable deposit/fee to begin a custom designed hatband, in addition to the cost of the hatband and shipping. I ship within the U.S. with USPS Priority Mail on all beaded hatband orders.


If item was misrepresented or not as described, a claim for a refund will be indisputable. Item must be returned to seller within 7 days from when it was delivered, and in original condition. The purchase price of the item, less $10.00 (to cover fees)will be refunded in the form payment was received. Any Shipping cost will not be refunded.

All return shipping and handlng fees will be at the expense of the buyer and non-refundable. Please return item the same shipping method it was sent.



Patron263240 on Sep 17, 2014
5 stars

This is a fantastic piece of art. The craftsmanship is outstanding, Andrea is an absolute pleasure to deal with. The pictures do not do the hat band justice. Andrea is a true artist. If you want an awesome beaded hat band to make your hat truely one of a kind let Andrea make it for you. Thanks for the unique hatband. I will come back for another.

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