TARDIS ALLONS-Y! Knit beanie hat in midnight blue fanart ready to ship

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TARDIS ALLONS-Y! Knit beanie hat in midnight blue fanart ready to ship


Do you have a fondness for Jelly Babies? Are you frustrated that your screwdriver isnt sonic? Will you be sure to have pockets on your wedding day? Do you know what TARDIS stands for? Does it annoy you that the other TARDIS hats dont say PUBLIC CALL? EH!?!!?!??

If you answered yes, this hat is for you! That makes you cool.

Accuracy is cool, just like bow ties, stetsons, fezzes and ME!

If you dont know what TARDIS stands for, shame on you.
Time And Relative Dimension In Space

Inspired by The Doctors wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey machine, this hat has ALLONS-Y! on one side and the words POLICE BOX and white windows knit into the design with PUBLIC CALL embroidered in-between, thus making it the most accurate TARDIS on Artfire! You know why? Because Im a fan.

Knit in a midnight blue with ribbing at the forehead for a comfy fit, dimensional details seperating the doors and sign, poofy pompom light, and swirly decreasing at the top, for a wormhole effect.

This listing is for an average grownup size.
If youd like a smaller or larger size, contact me!
See my shop announcement for shipping timeline:
I have many other equally awesome items in my shop, so check em out!

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

Tenth Doctor David Tenant

Materials Used

Acrylic yarn

More Info

I'll be on vacation in San Diego till Dec 12. Open orders will be worked on but new ones won't be addressed till I'm back home.

All of my items are hand made by me, so unless it says ready to ship in the title, most orders will be made and mailed 5-7 days after payment is received. Of course if you order a couple items, or complex ones it might take me a day or 2 longer to complete as I am but one mortal girl.
My work here is fan art! I'm not affiliated or officially licensed by anyone. I just knit as therapy for my Rheumatoid Arthritis and sell items to support my yarn habit and express my lifelong love of comics, games, and other such funsies!

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Acrylic yarn

Size: Average grownup


Color: Blue

Accepted Payments
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Hi there, and welcome to my site. In case it's not obvious, my work is fan art. I make up patterns based on geekery that I love in order to fill a void and support my yarn habit. Knit and crochet is great therapy for my Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I highly recommend it for any other sufferers.
That said, I'm self/mom taught so I don't sell patterns.

All of my items are hand made by me, so unless it says "ready to ship" in the title, most orders will be made and mailed 5-7 days after payment is received.
Of course if you order a few items or complicated ones, it might take me a day or 2 longer to complete as I am but one mortal girl.
Please remember that holidays are a thing and I am beholden to family and the whim of the USPS too.

For your own sake, please make sure your PayPal and ArtFire addresses match, or tell me in the 'note to seller' which address you want me to use! If I finish your items only to discover a discrepancy I'll have to email you and wait for your response before I can safely mail your parcel!
If you don't respond to my communications, I will ship to the Paypal address.

I will ship your piece[s] using First Class USPS unless otherwise stated or requested.
As of February 2013 I've had to raise my international shipping prices quite a bit to match my cost with USPS's higher rate. Hopefully the exchange rate makes it less painful for my beloved patrons.

I accept Paypal, debit or credit. Payment must be recieved within 48 hours or the items will be relisted and order cancelled.
To use your card, choose Paypal at the checkout window then choose to enter debit or credit info instead of signing into Paypal.

If you would like insurance or upgraded shipping let me know and I'll either make you a reserved listing or bill you for the extra cost through PayPal if you've already checked out.

I don't give refunds, but I am open to exchanges if you contact me. You will be responsible for shipping costs.

I try to cater to my people. When you're buying something special to you, I think it's important that it's creator loved it just as much as you will. I take it very personally that my items are beautiful, accurate and reflect my personality. Luckily I'm very eclectic, so you'll find something to make you happy whether you're into fluffy animals and fairies, comics and games, or metal and gore. Your items will have been made by me with a dog or 3 in my lap and a zombie movie on tellie.

To reiterate, I am not officially affiliated with any publishers or companies. I'm just a fan with a nifty skill set who saw a need and decided to fill it.

If you want character gloves that you don't see in my shop, let me know! Chances are they're on the needles!

Unless it's Pokemon... I don't do animal cruelty...


JOBBLY on Aug 6, 2018
5 stars

Awesome in every way - helpful and happy just what you want. Thanks again.
StoneDesigns on Nov 4, 2014
5 stars

I love my new gloves! Speedy order and shipping. Thank you!
stonemountainjewelry on Oct 12, 2014
5 stars

Love, love, love these fingerless gloves!!! I bought these for my son's gf who is a mail carrier, I know she is going to love them. The quality is wonderful and I was shocked how fast they got here. Thank you so much for these wonderful gloves.
Patron230470 on Oct 11, 2013
5 stars

Thank you so much! These gloves are absolutely perfect! You're truly gifted. If I ever need anything else, you will be the first I contact. Again, thanks a bunch :)
redspider74 on Feb 20, 2013
5 stars

Friggin' GREAT BAT Gloves..FAST DELIVERY!! Tiny Bully Rocks!!

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