Silver Wire Sculpted Flora or Angel Motif Brooch

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Silver Wire Sculpted Flora or Angel Motif Brooch


TITLE: Silver Wire Sculpted Flora or Angel Motif Brooch


Looking for wedding jewelry or that special accent for the “Little Black Dress”?

This beautifully elegant floral motif lapel pin/brooch is exactly what you are seeking. The base of the brooch is the delicate wire woven/wrapped stylized leaves. The focus of the design is the variegated white gem stones accented with clear glass bubbles. The bubble beads are treated with a soft iridescent finish. The flower petals are made with Czech table cut tear drop silver edged clear glass beads. These tear drop petals slightly move as the wearer moves, which lets the silver edging reflect a soft sparkle. This little lovely can work with the long leaves pointed upward or downward depending on how one wishes to wear it. Even-though this piece was designed as a floral motif, it can be interpreted to be a beautiful flowing angel. This is visualized by wearing the pin with the longer leaves pointing downward.

It is constructed by using Artistic tarnish resistant silver 20 gauge wire forming the framework of the leaves. A smaller gauge matching wire is used to fill in the opening by wire weaving the leaf shapes. Each leaf is hand shaped forming the components of the piece. The beads are attached in a cluster holding the leaves together forming the floral bouquet.

LENGTH: 3.50 inches
WIDTH: 2.25 inches
WEIGHT: 0.70 ounces

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Routine maintenance tips to keep your jewelry looking amazing from season to season.
• When finished wearing, wipe down your piece with a dry 100% cotton cloth or jewelry polishing cloth.
• If the piece is subject to tarnish, place a moisture control pack into the storage location. (Hint: Some medications come with them in the bottle.)
• Keep jewelry away from soaking water and harsh chemicals.
• These pieces of wearable art are not designed to be worn 24/7. They need a restful break too.
• BEWARE!!! POSSIBLE CHOKING HAZARD!! If small children are in the home, please know your child and buy, wear, and store responsibly.



This wire is made by first plating the copper wire with a precision layer of pure silver. Then the enamel color and tarnish resistant coating on top of this silver plating is applied. The silver plating beneath the color, adds an incredible high-shine and brilliance to the wire. Artistic Wire is a permanently colored copper wire available in a wide range of colors and gauges. It has an exclusive enamel coating which is engineered to resist tarnish, chipping and peeling.

BROOCH/BROACH: By Cambridge Dictionary
(US also broach) (US also pin)
A small piece of jewelry with a pin at the back that is fastened to a woman’s clothes

GAUGE: By Fire Mountain Gems – EncyloBEADia – Jewelry Making Dictionary
The measurement of the thickness of wire or metal sheet: the higher the number, the thinner the metal. A 20-gauge wire or metal sheet will be finer than a 16-gauge wire or metal sheet.

GLASS BEADS: Defined by the Free Dictionary by Farlex:
Small, round or many-sided beads made from transparent or colored glass (less frequently, from metal), with holes for threading.

TABLE CUT BEADS: Czech glass beads called Table cut beads or Window beads. The beads are cut on special grindstone on both sides so that there on the beads was flat surface both sides.
Table cut beads Original Czech Glass Beads
Czech glass beads called a Table cut beads or Window beads. The beads are cut on special grindstone on both sides so that there on the beads was flat surface both sides. Colors can be selected from transparent, opaque, opal, silk and mixed glass.

Tarnish is a substance which forms of the surface of some metals and which stains them or causes them to lose their brightness. To lose or cause to lose the shine, esp. by exposure to air or moisture resulting in surface oxidation; discolor; silver tarnishes quickly. Wear cotton gloves when cleaning silver, because the acid in your skin can tarnish the metal

Metal that has been covered with special coating that protects the surface from any oxidation and discoloration of the surface.

WEARABLE ART: by Wikipedia
Wearable art, also known as Artwear or "art to wear", refers to individually designed pieces of (usually) handmade clothing or jewellery created as fine or expressive art.

WIRE WEAVING: By Weave-Wire/
Simply put, wire weaving is just looping thin wire around a heavy wire frame in a pattern. What changes is how many times you loop the thin weaving wire around one base wire before looping it onto another base wire. The weaving wire can be brought over or under the base wires in any pattern you like.


A history of brooches: the evolution of style
Currently enjoying a fashionable revival, Beth Bernstein pins down the styles of brooches that have been popular through the eras. 09 October 2016 by BETH BERNSTEIN

Cultural influences such as Queen Elizabeth II, below, who celebrated her 90th birthday this year and has a close affinity for brooches, and the new generation of women who think of jewellery as more than just bling, are shedding a new light on these adornments of the past. But brooches didn’t start out as jewels. They began life as functional, utilitarian items that were used to secure pieces of clothing, like a loincloth. The first recorded brooches were made of thorns and flint, while pins crafted from metal date back to the Bronze Age.
Although brooches became more ornamental during the Byzantine period, they were still most commonly worn as a fastener for a scarf or a shawl, which eventually evolved into more elaborate designs worn to accessorise rather than hold together the fashions of the day.
Whether you are interested in the style, the symbolism, the sentiment or all three, sit back and enjoy our retrospective of brooches through the ages.

Celtic brooches (or Viking brooches)
Utilized as cloak fasteners and worn by Celts and Vikings, the first Celtic brooches were seen in the Early Medieval period in Ireland and Britain and feature a long pin attached to a ring. The pin moves around the ring, which is open, allowing the pin to pass through without leaving a permanent hole in the clothing. In Viking times, brooches were worn everyday by both men and women, and were available with a diverse level of detailing.

Mourning brooches
Like all forms of mourning jewellery, brooches were worn after a bereavement and to commemorate loved-ones that had passed before. Although mourning jewellery had been around since the 16th century, mourning brooches took on various designs and details during the height of their popularity in the 18th and 19th centuries. In early Georgian times, they were often a provision in wills, to be distributed to esteemed family and friends. In the late 18th century, mourning miniatures came into vogue. These navette and oval-shaped brooches under glass, like the one below, depicted sepia scenes of sorrow, mounted on ivory, and often incorporated hair and seed pearls (representative of tears). They were inscribed with the name and date of birth and death of the deceased on the back and sometimes had a compartment for hair.
The other, most widely recognized, form of mourning brooch is one containing the hair of a lost loved-one. Although not all hair jewellery is a memento of death, in this context, hair is woven under crystal or glass, with designs that represent eternity and stones that represent loss and tears.

Cameo brooches
Although cameos - hard stone and shell carved in relief - date back to ancient times, they also formed part of the souvenirs of the Grand Tour. Many associate cameo brooches with Queen Victoria, who had a deep fondness for them and would often bestow a gift of a likeness of Prince Albert or herself on members of the court and staff. But the most alluring cameo brooches through time depict a narrative – legends, mythological scenes or gods and goddesses. The best examples, in which you can see and feel the layers of the stone that has been carved, were made from hard stone.

Love brooches (or sweetheart brooches)
These were sometimes called ‘sweetheart brooches’, but historically there was another type of sweetheart brooch – those that were given by soldiers to their loved-ones as they marched off to WWI. The love brooches of the late Victorian aesthetic period were crafted from sheets of silver and designed as tokens of affection, with motifs and messages first seen in the sentimental jewellery of the Georgian and Romantic period in the Victorian Era.
Due to the fact that they were lightweight and crafted in silver, with overlays of rose and yellow gold, almost all social classes could own or gift these lovely little keepsakes. Decorated with everything from lovebirds and double hearts to well wishes, good tidings and positions in the family, these brooches captured the passions of prior times and allowed the masses to experience the romance of giving or receiving them.

There are many more historical and legendary styles to discover and purchase. Why not trying and pin down the right style for you?
To read the article with pictures of the various types follow these instructions to open this article.

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Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

When designing for wedding wearable art this flowing floral pattern emerged. The inspiration was visualizing the beautiful draping bridal bouquets and table centerpieces. This pin meets those visions of loveliness. What a perfect adornment for the mother of the bride or groom.

My creative process is extremely organic and fluid which grows with the ebbs and tides of how jewelry components gel together. Sometimes it only takes a couple of hours. Then other times, the process can take days. Only when the mind is satisfied does the process settle into satisfaction. My work starts as an idea then organic growth takes over until the mind screams STOP! I consider my work Wearable Art...Miniature Works of Art, are a way to express ones love of things.

Materials Used

Artistic Tarnish Resistant Silver Wire/Glass Beads

More Info

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Product Attributes

Pattern: Floral

Color: Silver

Theme: Nature

Occasion: Wedding/Formal/Business

Length: 3.50 in

Width: 2.25 in

Color: Silver/White/Clear

Weight: 0.70 oz

Material: Tarnish Resistant Wire/Glass Beads

Type: Broach

Style: Art Deco

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FantasyClay on Oct 1, 2010
5 stars

Great shipping, great packaging. I just thought the necklace was going to be more browns and greens and darker. It is a pretty necklace but not what I was expecting from the picture.

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